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Dear Likeminded Viewers,

As guided by our mission and vision, we are moving ahead with our existing two projects 鈥?ENERDIESEL and ENVIROX in Indian subcontinent. The pace is gradual, but that is the common phenomenon with new technologies.

After having formed a consortium of related organizations such as KSRTC (Karnataka State Road transport Corporation), R&D-IOCL, TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, Bosch, SIAM, Bio Fuel Task Force (Govt. of Karnataka) including us to form a consensus on advocating the magnanimous project 鈥?ENERDIESEL, we are now in dialogues with Bureau of Indian Standards to specify a standard for this unique product and help in laying a foundation for building up a national policy through Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. We are also convincing various departments under Central Government to recognize this project as eligible for availing the Government Funds for Research and Development. We are in process to demonstrate the benefits to the Government of Karnataka for availing grant to keep the PPP model active between KSRTC and us. Govt. of Maharashtra too has been supportive by allowing carrying out Research & Development activities by few Sugar Manufacturers who volunteered to implement this project, though at their own cost. Thus the movement has started and we hope to deliver a much desired solution to India soon with an ease.

As you all know, the fuel performance additive market in India is a polluted market with false claims and non performance. We took a challenge by launching a performance additive in this market. There were three challenges which we had to deal with 鈥? Washing out the skeptism from the consumer鈥檚 mind, creating a need and inclusion in the budget. Identifying the degree of difficulty, we strategize our move by initiating our Field Trials for winning the confidence of customers and that too the recognized one such as Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO), Dhansar Engineering Company, Madhucon & Others. We decided to deploy our own Engineers at the field for conducting the trials in a very scientific way and chose sufficiently long trial duration of 4 months to 1 year to prove that our product does not produce harmful effect unlike other similar products existing. We got the desired response. We are currently doing our trials at LAPP India, Harihar Polyfibres (Grasim Group), ICICI Bank, Northern Coal Fields and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. We owe to these organizations for being proactive to judge the new product and help us in creating the foundation Data Bank.

We are in the process of launching few other such highly beneficial technologies compatible with our underlining principle 鈥?help reinstating Mother Earth.

Best Regards
Team - Globex

Ener Diesel


FRP Tanks